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4 films, Opensea

Skærmbillede 2022-01-23 kl. 23.04.30.png

Diana Velasco

Lockdown Tableaus, 4 films, 2022

© Diana Velasco

The Lockdown Tableau series consists of time-specific 3D-rendered films and stills from films. The series centers around themes such as identity, lockdown and representation with reference to the current pandemic situation. It depicts the artist’s everyday life during the different Covid-19 lockdowns from 2020 and onwards.


      2 images, Rarible

Skærmbillede 2022-01-23 kl. 23.25.13.png

© Diana Velasco

Diana Velasco

Self Portraits

I have 3D-scanned my face underlining the inside. But this time by displaying the scans inside out. Thereby, they become distorted and deliberately incomplete, turning the portrait upside down in a time when selfie filters flourish alongside perfected botox ideals on social media.

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