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MIGRANT photo exhibition consists of 9 photos with stories shown at the Immigrantmuseet Sept 2017 - March 2018

“This ring was given to me 3 years ago, in summer 2013, when I left my home town to come to study in Denmark. My best friend had this ring and we met for a coffee few days before I left to say good by. She then gave me this ring as an appreciation of our friendship. Since then, I wear it constantly. I always have it with me everywhere and it is one of my favourite accessories. It will always remind me of her and of home :)”

”It is a very special painting of St. Mary for me as I have received it as a birthday gift when I turned 21 from the Romanian orthodox priest that holds the Sunday mass. I am a Catholic and have been attending the Sunday mass at the Orthodox Church for a few years and loved every moment of it. The church is packed with different paintings of different saints and the priest asked me if I have any at home... I said no and he decided to hand me this specific painting of St. Mary holding baby Jesus as he knows that for Catholics St. Mary has a very important place. Some people have pictures of their favorite artists some have abstract paintings on their walls, I have a small painting of St. Mary and it makes me happy.”

MIGRANT exhibition, Immigrantmuseet 

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