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Diana Velasco (b. 1974) is a Danish-Spanish fine art photographer living in Copenhagen, working within the areas identity, cultural memories and sense of place. She has a background in anthropology and has since then worked as a photographer.


2022     CryptoPong, Nikolaj Kunsthal (DK), Sept  

2021     Self Portrait II, Extensions vol III, ARoS Public (DK)

2021     Family Album, Imago Lisboa (POR)

2020     Curtains, One Size, Format Art Space (DK)

2020     Limestone, Natural Relations, CPH Photo Festival, NW Gallery (DK)

2020     Self portraits I, Extensions Vol 1, Radar Contemporary (DK)

2019     Corner 2019, guest artist at Sophienholm (DK)

2019     Part of The National Museum of Photography's collection. The Royal Danish Library

2018     'Tres Generaciones' Espacio Fotografico Marcelo Gurruchaga Gallery. Encuentros                    Abiertos, Festival de la luz (AR)

2018     Format Art Space, group exhibition (DK)

2018    'Environment Portraits' curated by Elizabeth Avedon. PhotoPlace Gallery (US)

2018    'Family Matters', NW Gallery, Copenhagen Photo Festival (DK)

2018    House in Asnaes, "Orbit" with Ida Kvetny and Astrid Myntekær (DK) 

2018    Migrant, Aalborg Statsarkiv (DK)

2018    Migrant, Hamburg (DE) 

2017    Migrant, Immigrantmuseet, Copenhagen (DK)

2017    Focus Photo l.a. Gallery, Los Angeles (US)

2017    Format Art Space, "One size fits all", Copenhagen (DK)

2017    Selected in open call exhibition, Landskrona Photo Festival (SE)

2017    Reclaim Photography Festival, autumn exhibition, Wolverhampton (UK)

2017    Reclaim Photography Festival, Birmingham, spring exhibition (UK)

2017    RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco (USA)

2016    Encuentros Abiertos, Festival de la Luz, Buenos Aires (AR)

2015    Brandts Museum, Selfies, Odense (DK)

2015    Banja Rathnow Gallery, Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen (DK)

2015    Dual Nationality, EU Delegation, Art Hall, Washington DC. (US)

2015    EU Kids Festival, Washington DC. (US)

2015    Sense of Place, West Chicago City Museum, Illinois (US)

2015    Sense of Place, Danish America Museum, Iowa (US)

2015    Double Exposure”, Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, Washington (US)

2014    Two Nationalities”, Danish America Museum, Iowa (US)

2014    Two Nationalities”, West Chicago City Museum, Illinois (US)

2013    The Autumn group exhibition, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art (DK)

2013    Melbourne Group exhibition, Melbourne (AU)     

2013    ½, Immigrant Museum, Farum (DK)

2012    Gallery Viglowa , Tokyo (JP)

2012    Apart group exhibtion, Copenhagen (DK)

2011    A gallery wjth and Wff, Copenhagen (DK)

2010    Red, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen (DK)

2010    Rumkammerat Gallery, Copenhagen (DK)

2010    Gallery Signe Vad, Copenhagen (DK)

2009    Spring exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (DK)

2009    Lust, Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (DK)

2009    Art Cruising, Backyard Gallery, Copenhagen (DK)



2019   The National Museum of Photography - The Royal Danish Library (DK) 


2018    Året art magazine, August (DK)

2017    Selected for Photo Review, Landskrona Photo Festival

2017    Featured in social media - MILK, 

2015    Grossestreffen, Berlin (D)

2014    LensCulture, special mention (US)

2013    Saatchi art online gallery (GB)



2015    EU to the US, Washington DC. (US)

2015    Danish Embassy in the US and Spanish Embassy in US, Washington DC. (US)

2015    Iowa Arts Council (US)

2014    West Chicago City Museum & people made visible, Chicago (US)

2014    Danish America Museum, Elk Horn (US)



2015   EU to the US, Washington DC (US)

2015   EU Delegation in the US, Danish Embassy in US and Spanish Embassy in US (US)

2015   West Chicago Museum, Chicago (US)

2015   Danish America Museum, Elk Horn (US)

2014   Fall group exhibition, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art (DK)



2015   Cultural Frontrunner, The Danish Foreign Ministry

2013   Copenhagen Magazine

2013   Radio 24syv, culture program

2013   Copenhagen Photo Festival Magazine

2010   Information online newspaper photoblog

2008   Spring exhibition, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, book



2014   On Photography (semester, University of Copenhagen

2000   Roskilde University, Communications

1997   University of Washington, Photography & Visual Anthropology

1996   University of Copenhagen, Anthropology

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