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4 films, Opensea

Skærmbillede 2022-01-23 kl. 23.04.30.png

Diana Velasco

Lockdown Tableaus, 4 films, 2022

© Diana Velasco

The Lockdown Tableau series consists of time-specific 3D-rendered films and stills from films. The series centers around themes such as identity, lockdown and representation with reference to the current pandemic situation. It depicts the artist’s everyday life during the different Covid-19 lockdowns from 2020 and onwards.


      7 images, Opensea

Skærmbillede 2022-01-23 kl. 23.17.50.png

Diana Velasco

Afrodite Remixed, 2022

© Diana Velasco

An exclusive edition by contemporary artist, Diana Velasco. The Venus series reinterpret the overly exposed Afrodite in this case Afrodite (Venus) from Knidos with “The Kaufmann-head” statue using 3D scan and animation.

The sculpture is shown at the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK / SMKOpen) and is a copy in plaster acquired in 1889 after an antique Roman copy of a lost, Greek original. The body of the Roman statue is at the Vatican Museums in Rome with another head attached. The head from this statue is a copy from one showed at Louvre in Paris. This new version is a reinterpretation with a digital layer on top. A copy of a copy of a copy representing European art history.

Afrodite Remixed takes part in the NFT tradition of adding layers and digital twists to classical art works. The different copies of the statue combined with the digital metamask layers resembles in many ways the 3D animation techniques of today of rigging and sampling body parts to an avatar.

Credit: SMK / SMKOpen


      2 images, Rarible

Skærmbillede 2022-01-23 kl. 23.25.13.png

© Diana Velasco

Diana Velasco

Self Portraits

I have 3D-scanned my face underlining the inside. But this time by displaying the scans inside out. Thereby, they become distorted and deliberately incomplete, turning the portrait upside down in a time when selfie filters flourish alongside perfected botox ideals on social media.

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